'Liquid Sunset' Print


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    It’s easy to guess that Tom Korologos was once a journalist by looking at his photographs. His works have a reportage blended with a keen artistic eye sharpened by more than 70 years of finding the poetic in the ordinary world. He shoots with Leicas and Nikons these days, a far cry from his father’s Kodak 116 film camera that ignited his passion for photography. With a unique ability skillfully distill the beauty of western ways and characters, it’s no wonder his visual records of Colorado are the most sought after. Whether he is aiming his lens at farmhouses, mountain peaks, rodeo cowboys or afternoon light, as seen in Liquid Sunset, Korologos is preserving a disappearing lifestyle. Digital Photograph on Archival Paper. No. 1 in edition of 5. 14" x 21" (framed 20" x 27"). 2019.